Step into a Universe of Anime Exclusives: Apparel, Kids’ Bags and More Await at Ashwhole Ideas!

Hello, Devoted Fans of Delhi’s Anime Community!

For all who have ventured into the immersive world of anime with Ashwhole Ideas, we’ve cherished being a part of your journey. Our meticulously crafted wall lamps, whimsical fridge magnets, and authentic anime figures have not just been products; they’ve been a celebration of a culture, an expression of a passion. And now, we’re thrilled to announce the dawn of a new era in our journey with you.

A Grand Unveiling: 10.21.2023 at Select City Walk Mall!

As the curtains rise at our new store, we introduce an array of exciting offerings:

  • T-Shirts: More than just cloth and ink, these are tales of heroism, adventures, and the vast universe of anime. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed sequences or heartfelt stories, our shirts will resonate with your anime soul.
  • Hoodies: A medley of comfort, design, and nostalgia. Wrap yourself in memories of your favorite episodes or moments as you face the cool breeze of Delhi.
  • Crocs: An embodiment of anime lore at your feet. Every step is a statement, a story, a stride into the world of characters you adore.
  • Lowers: For the fans who find comfort in the tales of distant lands, powerful beings, and unyielding friendships, our anime-themed lowers are a blend of style and relaxation.

Especially Curated for Our Young Champions…

Recognizing that the spirit of anime touches hearts both young and old, we are elated to roll out our exclusive line of Kids’ Bags. Detailed with vibrant colors and iconic characters, these bags are more than just carriers; they are young adventurers’ companions. Whether it’s a day at school, an outing with friends, or a weekend excursion, let your child carry a piece of their favorite anime world with them.

Embark on a New Adventure with Ashwhole Ideas

This expansion, this renewed fervor, is not just about business growth; it’s a reflection of our commitment to enriching the anime community of Delhi. With every new offering, we aim to deepen our connection, to be more than a store – to be a hub, a haven, a home.

Anime enthusiasts of Delhi, a world of new experiences and exclusive merchandise beckons! Join us tomorrow at Select City Walk Mall, immerse yourself in the splendor, and let’s make every moment count in the world of anime.

Your anime dreams await, only at Ashwhole Ideas. See you there!

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