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  • Bob Marley One Love Wall Lamp

    Infuse your space with the uplifting spirit of Bob Marley and spread love and unity with the One Love Bob Marley Wall Lamp. Embrace the positive vibrations that this remarkable piece emanates and create an atmosphere filled with harmony and joy. Order yours today and let the power of “One Love” illuminate your world.

    Installation is quick and effortless with the included mounting hardware, making it easy to hang the lamp securely on any wall. Its compact design and lightweight construction ensure that it seamlessly integrates into your decor without taking up valuable space.

    The lamp features a captivating design that showcases the iconic Bob Marley silhouette alongside the powerful phrase “One Love.” Every detail, from the intricately laser-etched acrylic to the vibrant colors that bring the artwork to life, has been carefully crafted to honor the spirit of Bob Marley’s music and his unwavering belief in love and unity.

  • Pikachu Wall Lamp

    A Pikachu wall lamp is a unique light fixture that can be mounted on a wall. It features a design or image of Pikachu, a beloved character from the Pokemon franchise. The lamp can be made from various materials such as plastic or glass, and can be powered by either electricity or batteries. It emits a soft light that can create a playful and lively atmosphere in a room. It’s an excellent choice for fans of the Pokemon series who want to incorporate their love of the franchise into their home decor. The Pikachu wall lamp is both functional and stylish, making it a great addition to any room in the house, especially a kid’s room or entertainment room.

  • BTS Wall Clock

    A wall clock with BTS character images is a unique and fun way to show your love and support for the popular K-Pop group, BTS. These clocks feature various images of the BTS members, including cartoon versions of each member or group photos.

    Aside from being a functional timepiece, a BTS-themed wall clock can also serve as a decorative piece for your room or office. It can add a pop of color and personality to any space, while also reminding you of your favorite BTS members and their music.

    These clocks are widely available online, with different designs and styles to choose from. Some may also have additional features such as LED lights, making them even more eye-catching.

    In summary, a wall clock with BTS character images is a fun and creative way to display your love for BTS while also serving as a practical item for your daily life.

  • Groot Wall Lamp

    Bring the magic of the cosmos into your living space with the adorable “Groot Wall Lamp.” Inspired by the lovable character from the Guardians of the Galaxy, this wall lamp is a delightful addition that captures the hearts of fans young and old. With its captivating design and warm illumination, the Groot Wall Lamp is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished accent in any room.Crafted with attention to detail and love for the source material, this Groot Wall Lamp is a work of art. Every curve and contour is thoughtfully recreated, making it a true collectible for fans.Emitting a soft, warm glow, Groot brings a soothing ambiance to any space. Whether you use it as a night light, reading companion, or simply a decoration, it will brighten your surroundings in the most charming way.With a convenient back hook and included mounting kit, setting up the Groot Wall Lamp is a breeze. Hang it securely on any wall and let Groot’s adorable presence light up your space.Ideal for fans of the Marvel universe and Guardians of the Galaxy, the Groot Wall Lamp makes for a thoughtful and unique gift on birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that deserves a touch of intergalactic charm.Brighten up your home and let Groot’s heartwarming presence remind you that sometimes, the smallest creatures can make the biggest impact.

  • Darth Wader Wall Lamp

    The Darth wall lamp is a unique and creative lighting fixture inspired by the iconic Star Wars character, Darth Vader. It features a 3D replica of Vader’s head and helmet, which serves as the lampshade and emits a soft, ambient light. The lamp is designed to be mounted on the wall, and is made of high-quality materials such as aluminum and acrylic, making it both durable and stylish. The Darth wall lamp is a great addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection or for anyone looking to add a touch of sci-fi flair to their home decor.

  • “Samay” Wall Clock

    “MEIN SAMAY HU TUMHARI LETA RAHUNGA” is a funny wall clock that plays with the Hindi language and translates to “I am time, I will keep taking from you”. It’s a humorous take on the concept of time being a thief that steals moments from our lives, and the clock itself is designed to look like a thief in a black and white striped shirt with a bag of loot over its shoulder.

    This clock can be a playful addition to any room or office, and can serve as a reminder to not take time too seriously and to enjoy the moments we have. It can also make for a great gift for someone with a sense of humor, or as a way to add some personality to a space. Overall, the “MEIN SAMAY HU TUMHARI LETA RAHUNGA” wall clock is a lighthearted and amusing way to keep track of time.

  • Harry Porter Wooden Musical Box

    A wooden musical box with a Harry Potter imprint is a small, decorative box that plays music when a button or wind-up mechanism is activated. The box is made of wood and features a design that incorporates elements from the world of Harry Potter, such as characters, symbols, and magical creatures.

    The wooden box is typically rectangular in shape, with a smooth surface that has been imprinted with a design of Harry Potter or other characters from the series. The imprint may be laser-etched or printed onto the surface of the box, and could depict Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, or other characters in a variety of poses or settings.

    When the button or wind-up mechanism is activated, the musical box plays a tune that is associated with the Harry Potter franchise. This could be a theme song from the films, or another melody that is recognizable to fans of the series. The sound of the music is produced by a small mechanical device inside the box, which plays the tune through a series of metal tines or pipes.

    A wooden musical box with a Harry Potter imprint makes a great gift for fans of the franchise. It can be used as a decorative item in a bedroom or living room, or carried around as a portable music player. The charming sound and nostalgic appeal of the musical box would add a touch of whimsy and magic to any space, making it a beloved item for Harry Potter enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Black Panther Poster Wall Lamp

    The Black Panther poster wall lamp is a sleek and stylish lighting fixture that pays homage to the iconic Marvel superhero. The lamp features a rectangular black backplate that is adorned with a striking image of the Black Panther, complete with his signature mask and claws. The image is backlit by an energy-efficient LED light source, which creates a warm and inviting glow that is perfect for setting the mood in a bedroom, den, or home theater. The lamp is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions. It is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. The Black Panther poster wall lamp is a must-have for any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and makes a great gift for anyone who loves comics, movies, or superhero culture.

  • Drinking Roulette Set Game

    Drinking Roulette is a game that involves spinning a wheel to determine which player must drink from one of the 16 glasses arranged in a circle. The game typically comes with a wheel and 16 glasses, each of which is numbered. Players take turns spinning the wheel, and the number on the glass that the wheel lands on is the number of the glass that the player must drink from.

    The game is often played with alcoholic beverages, but it can be played with any type of drink. It is a popular game for social gatherings, such as parties. However, it is important to remember to drink responsibly and to never drink and drive.

    Drinking Roulette is a game that combines luck and strategy. It is a fun and interactive game that encourages socializing and bonding among players. The game’s rules can be modified to suit the preferences of the players, such as adding more glasses or increasing the number of players.

    As with any drinking game, it is important to remember to drink in moderation and to be responsible. Players should also be mindful of their limits and know when to stop playing or when to switch to non-alcoholic beverages.

    Overall, Drinking Roulette is an enjoyable game that can bring people together and create lasting memories.

  • Hulk Poster Wall Lamp

    A Hulk poster wall lamp is a decorative lighting fixture that features a design of the Marvel Comics character, the Hulk. The lamp is typically rectangular or square in shape and is made of a durable material like metal or plastic.

    The front of the lamp features a high-quality printed image of the Hulk in action, such as flexing his muscles or smashing through a wall. The image is designed to be eye-catching and vibrant, and it may be printed using a special technique to ensure the colors are long-lasting.

    The lamp typically has a built-in LED light source, which provides bright and energy-efficient lighting. It may also have a cord and plug, which allows it to be easily plugged into an electrical outlet. Some models may be designed to be hardwired into the wall for a more permanent installation.

    Overall, a Hulk poster wall lamp is a unique and fun way to add a pop of color and character to a room. It’s a great choice for any Marvel Comics or Hulk fan, and it can be used as a statement piece in a home theater or game room.

  • Harry Potter Robe

  • Captain America Poster Wall Lamp

    A Captain America poster wall lamp is a type of decorative lamp that features a poster or image of Captain America, a popular superhero from Marvel Comics. The lamp is designed to be mounted on a wall and provides ambient or accent lighting to a room while also displaying the poster or image of the superhero. The lamp may use LED lights or other types of bulbs, and the poster may be illuminated from behind to create a backlit effect. This type of lamp is often used as a decorative piece in bedrooms, living rooms, or home theaters by fans of Captain America or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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