“Samay” Wall Clock

“MEIN SAMAY HU TUMHARI LETA RAHUNGA” is a funny wall clock that plays with the Hindi language and translates to “I am time, I will keep taking from you”. It’s a humorous take on the concept of time being a thief that steals moments from our lives, and the clock itself is designed to look like a thief in a black and white striped shirt with a bag of loot over its shoulder.

This clock can be a playful addition to any room or office, and can serve as a reminder to not take time too seriously and to enjoy the moments we have. It can also make for a great gift for someone with a sense of humor, or as a way to add some personality to a space. Overall, the “MEIN SAMAY HU TUMHARI LETA RAHUNGA” wall clock is a lighthearted and amusing way to keep track of time.


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